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Name:Avengers Anon Kink Meme
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:Anonymous kink meme for Avengers characters
All prompts and fills are linked on the Delicious account.

At the request of many anons, the rules have been expanded and updated to better reflect the moderation policy. For clarity, they've been broken down into two sections: required and requested, with only the first actually bearing weight. A discussion post was put up here, but received only two replies of feedback. Please take a moment and re familiarize yourself with the rules. If you've any questions, please feel free to ask.

1) Prompts must include at least one named Avenger or their actor and a kink/prompt/scenario.
Single-Avenger prompts, open-ended pairings, specific groups of Avengers, or "Any Avenger" are allowed. Lists of the Avengers members can be found on Wikipedia. This includes all Avengers groups and honorary Avengers, even ones not recognized by the original team. Since Wiki is easily edited and not always correct, members which are not listed on Wiki are allowed, but please be prepared to submit evidence of Avengerhood. A functional example of this process is here. The kink/prompt/scenario is required as part of the "no oppression" rule, so that minorities are not treated as "kinks".

2) Only one prompt per post.

3) Fic and art should be posted as a comment to the prompt.

4) Be respectful. No flaming, trolling, or bashing of any kind.
Flaming: Insulting making personal attacks against another person, either in conversation or as a reply to a prompt/fill.
Trolling: Inflammatory, extraneous or provocative comments intended to disrupt the meme or extract a desired negative reaction.
Bashing: Comments which defame, attack or are otherwise hostile towards a character, pairing, kink, etc, in a way that is not supported by canon.

5) Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, et cetera will not be tolerated.
This meme actively attempts to be a no-oppression safe space. This doesn't mean that the topics can't be discussed or dealt with, but a (hypothetiocal) comment like "MtF Thor is gross, guys make ugly women" is going to be removed. A character's views are not necessarily the same as the author. No one is expecting the Red Skull to show up all flowers at Rhodey and Isaiah's wedding.

6) No scripts, or spamming.
Spamming is any comment which disrupts the meme by being off-topic, obnoxious or otherwise inflammatory, frequently by using multiple similar posts or advertisements. Conversations which wander off-topic will not be considered spam.

7) Only repost a prompt if you're filling it.
Since all unfilled prompts are archived on Delicious, please keep reposting to a minimum. But since we don't want lovely fills to be ignored, the prompt+fill can be reposted on the latest entry.

8) Warning for triggers is required. The prompt is usually considered warning enough, but if you write a fill which includes an unrequested trigger, please note it. For example, for a prompt which is "Dr. Doom/Tony: Flowers" and the fill includes non-con, please warn for non-con. Always note triggers in the comment subject line.

Standard triggers to warn for are: Alcohol abuse, Animal abuse, Domestic abuse, Drug abuse, Homophobic/Racist/Sexist content, Hatecrime, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Sexual abuse under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Rape, Partner rape, Harassment, Humiliation, Degradation, Torture, Non-con, Dub-con or Death.

1) Multiple responses encouraged.

2) Fills which break the spirit of a troll prompt are encouraged.
Some troll prompts do not obviously break the rules, and I don't want to remove actual prompts by mistake. So they'll be left up there, for the community to deal with as they see fit.

3) The subject line of all filled prompts should be: Filled: pairing (part number/number of parts).
This makes organizing much easier. If it's not done, I might accidentally miss it while putting prompts/fills on Delicious.

4) Warning for spoilers is a nice thing to do, but not required.


Upon blatantly breaking a rule, the comment will be frozen, and a Warning will be issued, explaining how the comment broke the rules and providing a link to the Mod Contact post, where the OP can argue their case.

A rule that is broken simply by forgetting something (for example, a pair without a prompt) or with a factual mistake will receive a Note asking for the rest of the prompt, or correcting the misinformation. Please don't take this as a warning action, or as an indictment of the comment. I've shot off comments too early before, and misspoken. It's only a nudge. I do this to allow leeway for goofs while still being consistent.

If you see something that needs immediate modly attention, comment on the Mod Contact post or put Hey mod! something similar in the subject.

Please posts all prompts and fills on most recent active post.
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